Show Control

Show Works DC-32
£2,400.00 + VAT
Show Works DC-64
£3,700.00 + VAT
Show Works DC-96
£5,000.00 + VAT
Show Works DC-XX F XLR to GPI Adapter
To trigger the Show Works DC-XX units via the Show Works SS-02.
£17.50 + VAT
Show Works Dante Change Over Units
Our Dante Audio Change Over Units come in 3 sizes;
– Show Works DC-32 (32 Channel Dante Change Over)
– Show Works DC-64 (64 Channel Dante Change Over)
– Show Works DC-96 (96 Channel Dante Change Over)
Using the ultra flexible Show Works DC-XX frame, Show Works is able to offer a simple, flexible and seamless way of changing over audio in a live production environment.

Triggered via GPI, the Show Works DC-XX routes audio from either source A or source B to a dedicated set of Dante outputs from the unit. This allows the unit to seamlessly change audio with no interruptions.
Just a network switch is needed in conjunction with the Show Works Dante Change Over Unit to create a fully redundant audio system.

Show Works SS-02 Start/Stop Box
£30.00 + VAT
Show Works SS-02 Start/Stop Box
The Show Works SS-02 is designed and built by Show Works to be used as a contact closure device. The SS-02 takes just 1 single XLR to connect to devices such as the Show Works DC-XX or the MIDI solutions F8 via a female XLR to stereo 6.35mm jack adapter. The simple and passive design allows for 2 buttons with totally separate triggering action. The nature of the design allows the box to be used with up to 100m of XLR Cable end to end too.